Providing Care: Taking Care of Your Loved One

Are you overwhelmed by the growing responsibility of caring for your loved one? Caregiver SOS offers you as a caregiver many opportunities to support the health and well-being of your loved one, in addition to yourself. Prepare yourself with this list, “Ask the Right Questions” and plan for you and your loved one’s future health, finances, in-home services, placement options, emotional well-being, and end-of- life care.

Make sure your primary care physician is on your caregiving team. Take full advantage of his/her expertise by:

  • making a list of your loved one’s needs to take to your office visit
  • keeping an accurate list of all medications and OTC drugs for your loved one for review with the physician at each office visit
  • getting informed on your loved one’s prognosis and
  • making a plan for the future by asking your physician for resources or
  • going to a Caregiver SOS Center and speaking to a caregiver specialist.

Prevention is key — know the disease and know what to expect.

Visit your Caregiver SOS Center in person or on-line to get more information on your loved one’s diagnosis and how to plan for the future, go to the Alamo Service Connection for the “Library”, or go to and get informed.

Get a prevention checklist to remind and track annual health screening needs; Sign up for the Chronic Disease Self Management Program to join a convenient on-line class with people just like you to improve your health and live a happier life. Especially designed for persons with chronic conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, etc., this program is proven to increase satisfaction with life!