Caregiver Teleconnection

What is the Caregiver Tele-Connection?

Caregiver TeleconnectionThe Caregiver Teleconnection is a free, bilingual, and confidential program that connects caregivers and family members to information and support through the telephone or “tele-learning”. The Caregiver Teleconnection provides learning sessions on a variety of useful topics, hosted over the phone by professional facilitators and experts. Family caregivers have the opportunity to connect and share with others in their situation during the sessions.

The Caregiver Teleconnection makes learning and support simple. We’re just a phone call away. Call. Learn. Share.

The goal of the Caregiver Teleconnection is to provide caregivers with easy access to helpful information.
Date Time (CST) Topic (to register click on title)
10/04/2016 11:00 am Identifying and Working with Combative Dementia Behavior with Tam Cummings, PhD
10/10/2016 12:00 pm Relaxation Techniques for Caregiver Stress Management with Heather Stang, ***Sponsored by the North Central Texas Caregiver Teleconnection***
10/25/2016 2:00 pm Safe Meds for Seniors and Their Caregivers with Lucy Barylak, LMSW **Space for 20 participants (Family Caregivers Only)**

SOS on AirCaregiver Teleconnection On Demand

We realize that sometimes it’s difficult for caregivers to participate in our live sessions based on scheduling issues. We’ve made it easier for you to get the information you need by recording many of our live sessions. Click the link below to access recorded sessions!

Listen to Our Recorded Sessions Here