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We have had many requests from caregivers to record sessions as they could not participate in the live session or wanted to share them with friends and family. In order to get you the information you need, we will be recording several sessions per month. Check the listing below to access the recording of the sessions, as well as the resources links provided to caregiver participants.

Latest Recorded Sessions

March 2017

At the End of My Rope: Caregiver Burnout with Evalyn Greb, LCSW March 8th

February 2017

I Need Help! Steps to Finding the Help You Need with Evalyn Greb, LCSW February 22nd

January 2017

Avoiding Caregiver Burnout with Barry Jacobs, PsyD January 17th

Understanding the Stages of Dementia with Tam Cummings, PhD January 5th

December 2016

Back to the Future of Aging with Carol Zernial, MA December 7th

November 2016

Dealing with the Danger of Depression with Evalyn Greb, LCSW November 29th

October 2016

Identifying and Working with combative Dementia Behavior with Tam Cummings, PhD October 4th

September 2016

Developing Coping Strategies with Evalyn Greb, LCSW September 28th

Fall Proofing Your Home and Yourself with Chelsea Gilchrist, MGS and Scott Trudeau, PhD, OTR/L September 20th

Compassion Fatigue with Dr. Jamie Huysman, PsyD, LCSW, CAP, CFT September 7th

August 2016

Overcoming the emotional Hurdles to Accepting Help with Evalyn Greb, LCSW August 16th

How to Reap Positive Rewards of Caregiving with Dr. Barry Jacobs August 3rd

July 2016

Caring for the Elderly: Dealing with Resistance with Evalyn Greb, LCSW July 20th

Caregivers as Key Partners of the Healthcare Team with Evalyn Greb, LCSW July 6th

June 2016

How to Communicate with Dementia Patients with Tam Cummings, PhD June 28th

Adults with Aging Parent Drivers with Matt Gurwell June 8th

May 2016

Brain Health as You Age with Carol Zernial, MA May 25th

Caregiver Support Groups: Are They Helpful? with Evalyn Greb, LCSW May 17th

What is Mindfulness and How Can it Help Me as a Caregiver? with Dr. Jaime Huysman, PsyD, LCSW, CAP, CFT May 4th

April 2016

Easing the Placement Decision with Evalyn Greb, LCSW April 19th

Improving Antipsychotic appropriateness in Persons with Dementia with Dr. Ryan M. Carnahan April 6th

Managing a Crisis 10_28_11 for consumers

Antipsychotic consumer guide – Eng – rvsd – 01-29-13

5 Antipsychotic direct care – CARD 01_19_12

4 Nondrug pocket guide CARD 01_24_12

3 Drugs that may cause delirium or problem behaviors CARD 03_19_12
March 2016

Early Stage Dementia: Considerations for Caregivers with Tam Cummings, PhD. March 30th

The Dangers of Depression with Evalyn Greb LCSW March 22nd

Long Distance Caregiving: Issues and Solutions with Spencer Brown March 8th

February 2016

A Caregiver’s Approach to Sex, Dementia, and Intimacy with Yvonne Lozano, PhD. February 25th

Cardiovascular Health with Jose Acuna, MD February 18th

Mental & Physical Health Effects of Family Caregiving with Sharon Lewis, RN, PhD. February 2nd

January 2016

Long Term Care Insurance 101 with John Cutler January 26th

Benefits Check-up with Brandy Bauer January 20th

New Year Resolutions: Ideas & Checklists with Dianne Teran, LMSW January 7th