What They're Saying

Caregiver Teleconnection

“It’s an interesting concept for sharing information to caregivers who are so stressed for time and may be unable to get out of the home due to their caregiving responsibilities. I think it’s very valuable to them and therapeutically beneficial to be able to do so and participate in a group format.”
-Kelley, caregiver and first time participant

“I enjoyed the tele-learning session experience which offered a comfortable, open and inviting environment, especially when able to punch in from the comfort of the couch. The tele-learning session allowed me to want to learn and perhaps I will be able to ask more questions along the way. It’shelpful to see others in the question/answer session as to what they are going through that assists with my own personal experiences.”
-David, caregiver and first time participant

Caregiver SOS:

“The SOS program has helped me be smarter and healthier in taking care of myself and my mother. I can honestly say that I would not be in a happy place of understanding the aging program if it weren’t for the SOS program.”
-Frances, caregiver, and SOS participant

“I have been taking care of my husband for the last 21 years. I know that it’s the disease and not my loved one but they are a package deal. I can always leave the situation and it hurts that the man I married is slipping away as time goes by. This has become even more challenging, however, I feel empowered to meet them with the tools the SOS program has given me.”
-Margarita, caregiver, and SOS participant